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Hello! My name is Kristen, and my husband James and I welcomed our son Will into our lives in June 1016. We adopted Will from Henan, China and knew immediately that we would be back again to adopt someday. We were matched to our second son Isaac in May 2017, the same day I decided to quit my desk job to start an in-home daycare after our beloved provider passed away very unexpectedly. We LOVE books in our house, and my son loves celebrating and learning about his Chinese heritage. I’ve had a very hard time finding age appropriate, culturally enriching books for him until my recent discovery of Barefoot Books. Through Barefoot, we have also found great books he can relate to in regards to his adoption story, and his limb difference. I love these books so much that I’ve decided to become an Ambassador (fancy word for sales consultant) to help raise money for our upcoming adoption. We anticipate traveling to meet Isaac in March or April, which means we have big fees and hefty travel expenses coming due SOON! I invite you to explore ...

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