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The love of reading can begin at any age. Studies show, the sooner we start the better!  I have a tremendous love of books and the countless learning opportunities books so easily provide. As a toddler, my mother nurtured my desire to learn through reading.  Into adulthood, my father and his mother, both lifelong readers, continued to nurture my desire that began so early in life. Their example continues to inspire me to be a lifelong reader and to follow in their footsteps in sharing and promoting an enthusiasm for reading.  Simply put, lifelong readers become lifelong learners!  What can be more encouraging to developing a passion of reading than one terrific book after another, each containing value you can take with you throughout your life. I thoroughly believe it is of the utmost importance for children of all ages to have access not only to intriguing, but quality reading material.  Therefore, I am excited to be a part of the dynamic Ambassador Community of Barefoot Books in cultivating a passion of reading ...

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