How to use the Barefoot Books logo in your marketing

Do you want to use the Barefoot Books logo? We’ve created the following guide to give you pointers on how to use it best. Read through to learn our do’s and don’ts. Logo files are available for download at the bottom of the page.

The Barefoot Books logo has both horizontal and vertical lockups, for use depending on what you want to put it on.

It is always important to leave enough space, or padding, around the logo to allow it enough room to remain visually clear and important. 

An easy rule of thumb for leaving enough padding around the logo is to leave enough
space for the capital B to fit between the logo and another element, as illustrated here.

The Barefoot Books logo comes in three color variations: color, white and black.

The color logo is best used on a light-colored or white background.

The white logo is ideal on colorful or dark backgrounds to allow the logo to stand out.

The black logo works best on a light background and more serious contexts.

The horizontal logo looks best when right- or left-aligned to an element, such as the top right corner of a page or image. 

The vertical logo should always go in the center of an element, whether at the top or bottom of the page, image, etc.

Now that you know how to use the logo, here are just a few things that you should always avoid. 

Do not skew the logo.

Do not rotate the logo.

Do not move or change the logo elements.

Do not obstruct the logo.

Do not add affliation to the logo.

Do not change the logo colors.

Do not add effects to the logo.

Always show the entire logo; do not cut off or remove elements.

The following are a few of our Barefoot Colors with Pantone (PMS) and CMYK values for print use, and RGB and Hex values for web use.

PMS 1797
CMYK 6, 88, 92, 0
RGB 204, 0, 51

PMS 716
CMYK 0, 48, 84, 0
RGB 245, 130, 41

PMS 3262
CMYK 65, 0, 35, 0
RGB 51, 204, 204

PMS 368
CMYK 51, 0, 86, 0
RGB 150, 201, 38

Color Logos for Web and Print

Download: Web (JPEG) / Print (EPS)

Download: Web (JPEG) / Print (EPS)

Black Logos for Web and Print

Download: Web (JPEG) / Print (EPS)

Download: Web (JPEG) / Print (EPS)

White Logos for Print

Download: Print (EPS)

Download: Print (EPS)

Ambassadors may not use the Barefoot Books logo or any other creative property of Barefoot Books to create their own products for sale. Doing so is considered trademark and copyright infringement and can result in expulsion from the Ambassador program. Ambassadors may only use the Barefoot Books logo for marketing materials that are used in conjunction with their business and are not offered for sale, such as invoices, emails or other personal marketing materials.

Ambassadors may choose to produce additional marketing items with a third-party vendor using the Barefoot Books logo only if these items are for personal use. Examples include purchasing decals, branded bags, banners, etc. that are then used solely by the Ambassador purchasing them; these items cannot be sold to other Ambassadors. An exception is made when a group of Ambassadors purchases a large quantity of an item on a single order to obtain bulk pricing discounts. If a branded item is being mass-produced in this way, please let us know at so that we can ensure the brand guidelines have been properly met. Ambassadors involved in group purchases are the only ones who may utilise the products purchased in the transaction; they may not sell any of the products to other Ambassadors.