El fandango de Lola

was $9.99 now $6.99
Paperback w Story CD

Octopus Opposites

Board Book

Bear's Birthday

was $6.99 now $5.24
Board Book

The Tear Thief

Paperback w Story CD

My Mama Earth


Monteverde Fundraiser

Nov-16-2009 - Nov-16-2012

50% of total sales will be donated to Monteverde in cash and/or books for scholarships and classroom supplies & materials!

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St John's Childcare

Nov-16-2009 - Nov-16-2012

50% of total sales will be donated to St. Johns in cash for ongoing playground supply needs & adding to our tuition assistance fund.

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Le Conte Elementary PTA Fundraiser

Nov-27-2009 - Nov-27-2012

Support Le Conte Elementary! Celebrate Art and Story with beautiful, imaginative and multicultural gifts for your children. Barefoot has lots of books in English & Spanish, puppets, puzzles and CD's (and books with CD's that read the stories!) 50% of total sales will be donated to Le Conte in books for classrooms and the library and cash to the PTA. Tell your friends and family! You must go through this link for Le Conte to get credit.

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Barefoot Bear Gift Set

Repition for toddlers, Variety for the grownups


One of the great things about toddlers is that they learn through repetition, one of the frustrating things about toddlers is that they LOVE repetition. With this gift set you get the familiar and fantastic bear books, with enough variety to cover bedtime for a few nights in a row - without having to read the exact same book every night! And the stories remain great for years, my five year old loves "reading" them to the three year old, we've all heard them enough that she can! A wonderful gift for new babies, toddlers with new siblings or toddler birthdays, sturdy board book format will last through years of play and toting around.

Port Side Pirates!

Remarkably memorizable by three year olds


We have a preschool class of two's and young three's who are FASCINATED by this book, they read it, sing it, act it out inside and outside and can't seem to get enough of it - four months after it was first read to them. Although their teachers are a little tired of reading it, the CD is a nice change of pace to let them hear the story again - we may need another copy soon as the book and CD are so well used!