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Little Red Riding Hood for Lil'Iguana's!

Oct-23-2013 - Nov-30-2013

Because November is Child Safety & Prevention Month, I will be donating a percentage of all copies of Little Red Riding Hood to the Lil'Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation for all the work they do to help teach our kids to be safe. Grab your copy and share it with a child you care about while teaching them to be aware and to not talk to strangers! Learn more about this awesome foundation at www.liliguanausa.com

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I Could Be, You Could Be

A fantastic read aloud story!


I Could Be, You Could Be is a huge hit in our house! My 2yr old son was initially captivated by the vibrant illustrations, but was soon interested in the playfulness of the story. The message of this book is wonderful: imagining together is lots of fun, but it's always best to just be yourself. This is a very fun book to read aloud as it offers itself for lots of sound effects and animation from the reader, and listener too! I highly recommend it for all young children, especially those with vivid imaginations!

The Faerie's Gift

You'll Just Smile


This is one of those books that when you read that final page, you just smile. Imagine if in your reality, you were faced with the opportunity to make one wish, any wish. What would that wish be? In this beautiful story, a woodcutter is granted one wish for saving the life of a fairy. As wonderful as having a wish granted should be, this woodcutter is torn in his decision by the needs of his dear family members. His well thought out wish at the end of this traditional tale is imaginative and heartfelt. This story opens up an opportunity for genuine discussions with your child(ren) about family devotion and our responsibilites in caring for others. The tale displays the importance of thinking through our choices and their impact on others before making quick selfish decisions. It is a wonderful lesson for helping shape our children to be caring, generous individuals. I am glad we have this story in our family book collection.

Emily's Tiger

Taming Tigers, Cage-free!


This entertaining story is a wonderful approach to discussing controlling our angry feelings with youngsters, especially if you have your own little tiger. The illustrations are vivid, playful, and fun. Miriam Latimer has done a wonderful job of bringing the story to life. Who better to tame the raging tantrums of a little tiger than Granny? My daughter absolutely loves this story. We read it daily, and it has really helped this mommy "tame" her little tigress.