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Bear in a Square

Board Book

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Paperback w Enhanced CD

The Wheels on the Bus

Paperback w Enhanced CD

The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales

Hardcover w Story CD

2015 Summer Reading Program

Jun-8-2015 - Aug-31-2015

Everyone who orders at least 6 books through this event AND posts pictures of your kids reading the books to my Facebook Summer Reading Event will receive one FREE book from me at the end of the summer! Free book will be of my choice, but I will contact you first to find out the age range of your kid(s) so I can choose something appropriate. Make sure to sign up here for 12 weeks of Summer Reading Program emails:

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Bear on a Bike

Where are you going, bear?


My daughter likes to "read" this book in the car, there are so many details in the pictures that she can pick out and talk about even though she can't actually read the words yet! We also read this book at bed time, the ending is perfect for saying good night and my daughter likes to wave back at Bear as he's standing on the moon on the last page. We both love this book and can't wait to read the rest of the Bear series!

The Animal Boogie

Shimmy, Shake, Swing, and Sing!


My three-year-old daughter loves this book from beginning to end. I love it too because she will shimmy, shake, swing, and sing along to the CD while turning the pages and I can make dinner without being interrupted! The illustrations are so full of color and detail, and I love the diversity of the children in the pictures - including one little girl in a wheelchair. I also love that the animals are both boys and girls; I've noticed lately that almost all animals in other books are male unless they are mommies. So far we have only read this at home with my daughter alone, but I think this book and the CD would work wonderfully for a group of children with different kids playing the part of different animals in the book. Loud, but wonderful!