Join us for food, fun and conversation as we gather to share ideas about supporting literacy at home.

Studies show that family experiences have a huge impact on children’s literacy development! Learn from an experienced Barefoot Books Ambassador about how to best support literacy across a range of ages. You’ll receive valuable information to take home as well as personalized suggestions for the perfect books and products for your kids.

How do we instill compassion in our children’s hearts? Host a Barefoot Open Hearts & Minds Party!

This grown-ups only get-together is a chance to reflect on ways we can cultivate compassion in our children and expose them to diversity. It’s a meaningful time together with like-minded parents where we go beyond the small talk. Your knowledgeable Ambassador can make customised suggestions for books and products that will inspire empathy in children.

Do your kids love music? Host a Barefoot World Animals Party!

Your guests will gleefully join in “the Animal Boogie” — a dance that continues to captivate millions of kids around the world! They'll also get to know the animals of the Indian jungle through unique hands-on activities. Learn great storytelling tips as you and your guests browse books and products that teach children of all ages about wild animals around the world.  

This grown-ups only gathering promises delightful drinks, stress-free shopping and scintillating conversation!

We’ll talk about why fairytales have endured and are still so valuable for children today. Your experienced Ambassador can make personalised suggestions for Barefoot books and gifts that will delight the kids in your guests' lives. Go ahead and treat yourself and your friends to a fabulous girls' night out!

Experience the power of storytelling with a family-friendly event that has a theme of your choice!

Pirates, princesses, transportation . . . the choices are endless. Work with your Ambassador to design the event that excites YOU! Your guests will step inside a story with an amazing Storytime and customized activities that bring it to life. And, of course, they will shop our collection of truly unique children’s books and products. It is sure to be a one-of-a-kind gathering! 

Help parents, teachers and caregivers raise the next generation of compassionate global citizens!

Shop our collection of diverse and inclusive books that represent all children - and receive valuable tips for how to talk about these books with kids. Suitable for families or just grown-ups, this versatile event can be adapted to meet your needs.  Learn more from your local Ambassador!


Limited Time Host Special – available in July:
60% off an exclusive 
Global Adventures Set!

$53 USD / $69 CAD value for $21.99 USD / $27.58 CAD

  • The Barefoot Book of Children (hardcover)
  • Tales from Old Ireland (paperback with 2 CDs)
  • Up and Down the Andes (paperback)
  • The Girl with a Brave Heart (paperback)


Limited Time Host Special – available in July:
60% off an exclusive Mindful Child Set!

$45 USD / $60 CAD value for $17.98 USD / $23.98 CAD

  • Yoga Planet (deck)
  • Buddhist Tales (paperback) 
  • The Mountains of Tibet (hardcover)

Limited Time Host Special – available in July:
60% off an exclusive 
Brainy Baby Set!

$52 USD / $66 CAD value for $20.78 USD / $276.38 CAD

  • Baby's First Words (board book)
  • The Sounds Around Town (large board book)
  • Baby Talk (board book)
  • Cleo's Alphabet Book (paperback)
  • Big and Small (board book)




Limited Time Host Special – available in August:
60% off an exclusive
Bilingual Baby Set!

$44 USD / $56 CAD value for $17.58 USD / $22.38 CAD

  • Mis primeras palabras (board book)
  • Bear About Town / Oso en la ciudad (paperback)
  • Bear on a Bike / Oo en bicicleta (paperback)
  • Un recorrido por las estaciones (paperback)
  • Grande y pequeno (board book)

Limited Time Host Special – available in August:
60% off an exclusive 
Legends of Adventure Set!

$54 USD / $70 CAD value for $21.58 USD / $27.98 CAD

  • Prince of Fire: The Story of Diwali (paperback)
  • The Snow Queen (paperback)
  • The Barefoot Book of Pirates (paperback with CD)
  • The Barefoot Book of Princesses (paperback with CD)


Limited Time Host Special – available in August:
60% off an exclusive
Folk Tale Fun Set!

$59 USD / $76 CAD value for $23.58 USD / $30.38 CAD

  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff (paperback)
  • The Story Tree (paperback with CD)
  • Jack and the Beanstalk (paperback)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (paperback)
  • The Gigantic Turnip (paperback with CD)

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