Join us at Own Your Story: On the Road! 2016 | Barefoot Books

Are you ready to make a difference that matters? To harness the power of stories to empower children in your community and beyond? To fan the flame of a one-of-a-kind movement as it ignites across North America?

Own Your Story - On the Road! Conference 2016 | Barefoot Books

Join us at Own Your Story: On the Road! 2016 to discover how YOU have the power to advance the Barefoot Books mission to share stories, connect families and inspire children. Whether you pioneered our grassroots Barefoot movement or you’ve only just heard of our Ambassador program, you will NOT want to miss this chance to learn how you can take control of your story! 

Own Your Story - On the Road! Conference 2016 | Barefoot Books

Why you've GOT to be there: 

Want to learn more about the Barefoot movement, or considering the amazing opportunity to become a Barefoot Books Ambassador?

Have you only just learned of the Ambassador opportunity or fallen in love with our books? We would LOVE to meet you! Day 1 is designed specifically to show you what it means to "live Barefoot":

  • Meet Barefoot Books Ambassadors - parents, educators and entrepreneurs just like you! - and hear how they've launched their own home-based businesses selling our multicultural books, pursued their dreams and made a difference!
  • Catch the flame straight from CEO and Co-Founder Nancy Traversy, as she shares from her personal experiences as a mom and entrepreneuer!
  • Get an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at products coming in Autumn 2016!
  • Jump right in! Ready to take control of your story and join the Ambassador program? You'll get an exclusive special offer to join our program on the spot and attend the whole workshop for FREE! You'll meet other newbie and seasoned Ambassadors and learn how to get the BEST possible start to your new business! 
Own Your Story - On the Road! Conference 2016 | Barefoot Books


Already an Ambassador? Ready to take your business to the next level?

The movement is on fire - can you feel it? Whether you joined last month or lead a team of twenty people, you will NOT want to miss Own Your Story: On the Road! 2016! This is YOUR chance to get the in-person, expert training you need to take your business to the next level:

Own Your Story - On the Road! Conference 2016 | Barefoot Books
  • Unleash your entrepreneurial potential: You know you have what it takes, but we always strive to improve our businesses to increase our impact. Get your questions answered by Home Office's business and direct sales experts in small, intimate workshops!
  • Grow stronger together! As you learn and laugh with fellow Ambassadors, you'll find the community and support you need to achieve beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Party with Home Office! Get their inside look at what it means to "live Barefoot" and how we can ignite the Barefoot movement together!
  • ...and MORE!

Get Your Passport to Participate!

Early bird registration for each workshop is $39 USD and includes meals, refreshments and a swag bag of Barefoot goodies. After early registration ends for each location, the price for each workshop will increase to $59 USD and will include only meals and refreshments. Branded swag bags are only guaranteed for those who register during early registration. Don't wait! Get your Passport to Participate NOW!

Ambassador Workshops...coming to a city near you!

Toronto, Ontario
June 25-26, 2016
Own Your Story - On the Road! Conference 2016 | Barefoot Books


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a separate ticket for those who can only attend either Saturday or Sunday? 
There is only one single admission price for the event that covers both Saturday and Sunday. The early bird ticket price for all Ambassador events is $39.99 USD and is inclusive of all training, materials and food and beverage for the event. Those who qualify for the Leaders' Summit will not be charged any additional fees to attend.

In addition, we will also be opening up a higher cost late registration option for those team members who decide to join in on these learning sessions after our cutoff date. Due to fees incurred for last minute changes with our vendors, this ticket will be at a higher cost. Barefoot goodie bag items will be ordered based on early bird registration numbers and will not be provided for late registrations. Cost: $59 USD

Late registration begins on these days: 

For Toronto: Effective May 21, 2016

Do prospective Ambassadors need a ticket to attend? 
Guest participation is free, so we encourage you to invite as many potential team members, customers and hosts to join us! Registration is now open for prospects in each city. Send them the link to register through our "Ambassador Guest" ticket. 

Note: Please communicate and keep us updated on your Ambassador Guest attendees as we will be occurring costs for the materials to welcome these special guests to our events.

Cancellation Policy: Please contact if you need to cancel or change your registration. Cancellations for April and May events after March 15, 2015 will be nonrefundable. Cancellations for June and July events after May 4, 2015 will be nonrefundable. Barefoot Books will refund all registration fees for any cancelled events.


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