Your financial future is calling!

What would you do with $1,000 a month or more in income? Would it change your life and that of those you love? Would it alleviate financial challenges? Would you be able to do more or give more to the causes that are close to your heart? That is what we truly want for you in 2016. We not only want you to inspire those around you, but also to grow the financial output of your Barefoot Books business so you can rely on its monthly income.

We paid great attention to detail when creating a compensation plan that would enable EVERY Ambassador to gain financial freedom, but we know that to reach the greatest heights, you need a plan. To help you reach the earnings you desire, we have created our simple Barefoot Books 6 Months to Success strategy. This strategy will guide you and your team members to earn up to $1K a month within your next 6 months of business and set you on your way to the top of the earnings ladder!

This plan is founded on the key income generating activities that you can achieve whether you work your business full- or part-time...and that every new team member can easily replicate. Whether you have just joined us or have been on board for years, all you have to do is book 3+ events and reach $600+ in sales each month while sponsoring 2 new team members who do the same activities! That’s it.  

Maintaining this momentum every month and developing others to do likewise will enable you to build toward the highest levels of our compensation plan. 

While no one can predict the future or control every circumstance in their lives, if you follow this plan each month, you will drive your business towards monetary success and accomplish more than you could ever imagine! 

Happy Earnings!



Wendy Lindahl
Director of Field Development